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The UX Academy Program

Get fit for your Product Design career

We have one aim at UX Academy: for you to enter the professional market with real chances to land a job as a Digital Product Designer. Simple as it sounds, this often turns out to be tough for grads and job beginners with little or no project experience. Let’s work on that!

In our intensive 24-week program, your tutors guide you through all areas of Digital Product Design in a mix of lecture-like master classes, practical workshops, activities, homework, and real client work, giving you a solid foundation in Product Design theory and practice.

During the first weeks, you learn the fundamentals of User Experience, User Interface, and Service Design. You get familiar with tools, methods, and methodologies, acquire skills in work organization and client presentations, and prepare a client workshop.

The program then becomes more practical and you’re onboarded to real client work. A personal 1-on-1 tutor accompanies you through all tasks and questions. You develop an entire project and present it to your tutors towards the end of the program.

At the end of the program, you receive a certificate and remain part of the UX Academy Alumni Network. With a monthly stipend of up to €1,600 plus support finding an apartment, you can concentrate completely on your courses and projects.

24-week program with a monthly stipend

Master classes and workshops by UX professionals

1-on-1 tutoring

Real client work environment

UX Academy Certificate at the end of the program

Get started and design your prospects!

Sneak a peek of our workshops and master classes

Tools & Design Systems

Learn how to work in a collaborative environment using design systems and the best tools to create outstanding digital products.

Atomic Design

We believe in organization, which is why we follow atomic design principles. Find out how to perfectly structure your design work.

Agile Workflow

We teach what we preach: at UX Academy, we use various agile workflows from Design Sprints to Lean and Scrum.

UX Research

Get to know the research methodologies we use for finding out what users want and what is important for creating perfect solutions.

Human Centered Design

We put the user in the center of our design approach: at UX Academy, you will learn how to create products that people don’t just use, but love.

Ideation & Creation

Get practical experience, discover best practices, create wireframes and prototypes, and try them in user tests.

Interface Design

Learn how to give digital products their own visual language that grabs the user’s attention and keeps them using your products.

Service Design

Find out how to get valuable insights into your users’ behavior and create personas, user journey maps, and surveys.

Prove to the world you’ve taken them with your certificate

Get new input from the UX Academy exchange program

Though you’ll be encouraged to specialize in UX, UI, or Service Design, you’ll get an understanding of the entire Product Design process, plus time to discover your strengths and explore your interests.

The exchange with another Cocomore department or the Digital Society School in Amsterdam is therefore a key module of the UX Academy program.

Duration: 1 week (Cologne)

Explore Service Design

Every project starts somewhere: learn about the methodologies the Service Design team uses to find out who the users are and what they require.

Duration: 1 week (Cologne)

Deep dive into Visual Design

Find out how the Visual Design team converts wireframes into masterful designs that users love to use.

Duration: 1 week (Frankfurt)

Become familiar with Frontend

If you want to understand how beautiful digital products come to life, join the Frontend Development team and learn the basics of coding.

Duration: 1 week (Amsterdam)

Get to know Digital Society School

Visit the DSS in Amsterdam and explore one of the most innovative institutes in Europe. Discover their methodologies and take an active role in their team.

Product Designer / Service Design

Join us for the 2020 autumn program

If you’re a design grad or job beginner, now’s your chance! Applications for the UX Academy autumn program open in May 2020 and close in June 2020. Or are you already on top of your game as a Digital Product Design professional and looking for a new challenge as a tutor? Get in touch and let us know.
Product Designer / Service Design

Product Designer / Service Design

Product Designer / UX Design

Product Designer / User Experience Design

Product Designer / Interface Design

Product Designer / User Interface Design

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Find answers to your questions

From accommodations to YouTube, find out what you need to know in our FAQ. Don’t see the answer to your question? Drop us a line

The program lasts 24 weeks, from January to June and from July to December.

The program takes place at the Cocomore office in Frankfurt am Main, just a short walk from the city center and the central station, in one of Frankfurt’s hippest and most international quarters.

Collaborating in a team, developing presentational skills, and staying in constant exchange with others is key to Digital Product Design. We’re also strong believers in networking, even more so when you’re starting your career. So your personal attendance will be necessary. If you’ll have to move to Frankfurt, we’ll support you in all essential matters.

No. The UX Academy program covers different areas of Product Design, such as User Experience Design, Visual or User Interface Design, and Service Design. In our masterclasses, workshops, and particularly during your included week away, you’ll also get hands-on experience from related fields like Frontend Development. We also feature an external module where you can learn some coding. If you’re interested in a specific field that does not appear in the program, let us know.

The UX Academy Program is for everyone who wants to start or has already started his or her career as a Digital Product Designer.

To apply to UX Academy, you need to send us your CV and an EU work permit. If you already have a portfolio, we’d love to see it, but it’s not required to apply.

At the end of the program, you will get a certificate and remain part of the UX Academy Alumni Network, which will open up a range of career opportunities for you. If we have any vacancies at Cocomore, we will offer our alumni a position of at least junior level.

You will work with a wide range of prototyping tools, from Adobe Creative Suite to Sketch, Figma, Invision, and Abstract. We switch our tools depending on the project.

Your tutors will be licensed professionals with a lot of experience in Product Design. Additionally, you will be coached by a personal 1-on-1 tutor who will take charge of your learning and whom you can ask all your questions during the program.

At UX Academy, we will help you to find accommodations in Frankfurt. Cocomore also has an apartment in Frankfurt where our students can stay if they like.


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